Tweed Swap! Monday April 11.

Abraham Fixes Dapperness.
Abraham Fixes Dapperness.

Hello folks! Do you want some extra help to get ready before the big event? Or maybe you just want to hang out with Tweedistas? Well then! Stop on by the Tweed Swap on Monday April 11 at 7 pm!

We’ll be holding it at Velo Cult, 1969 NE 42nd Avenue.

This will be an opportunity for you to bring tweed appropriate goods to swap, trade, or give away. The Tweed Ride organizers will also have a selection of goods for sale. And of course enjoy some tasty beers while you are there!

Portland Tweed Ride 2016 set for Sunday April 17!

IMG_6411Join us on Sunday April 17 at 2pm for a day filled with bikes, leisure, and fun beyond measure!

Don your finest tweed, ladies and gents, shine up your beautiful classic bicycles, pack up a picnic, and join us! We will be meeting at historic Chapman and Lownsdale Squares for a tea social. We’ll depart at 3 pm, riding a leisurely route of 10ish miles (with a stop or two in the middle for picnicing) before ending at a mystery end stop to be revealed soon. There will be prizes and fun! Get ready!

Things to Bring on the 2015 Tweed Ride

To aid in your timely arrival for this year’s Tweed Ride we’d like to provide you with a checklist of items every proper lady and gent ought to bring:

  • Your dapper self in your finest Tweed
  • Picnic snacks to enjoy before, during and after the ride
  • A drinking vessel, preferably of the tea cup variety
  • Your most period-appropriate bicycle
  • Lawn games and other items with which to amuse yourself during our mid-ride stop
  • Cash with which you should tip the band and buy posters to support the ride


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