Other NW Tweed Rides and Organizations

Albany Tweed Ride.

Here are other Tweed Rides around the Northwest (Oregon, Washington, British Columbia) that we know of. Know any more? Get in touch!

Dandy Daffodil Tweed Ride: Happens on the Saturday closest to St. Patrick’s Day in La Conner, Washington, about 15 miles SW of Mt. Vernon (Skagit Valley.) They also put on a Seersucker Social in July.

Corvallis Tweed Ride: Located in the southern Willamette Valley of Oregon, this ride occurs usually in April.

Albany Tweed Ride: Just ten miles from Corvallis, this one occurs early in May. Hosted by The Natty Dresser.

Victoria Tweed Ride: Located in British Columbia’s provincial capital (and Tweediest city in Cascadia), this ride happens in September.

Snohomish Tweed Ride: Hosted by Historic Downtown Snohomish, this ride occurs around the Autumnal Equinox in Snohomish, Washington. Usually takes places on the Centennial Rail-Trail.

Ballard Tweed Ride: Organized by the Ballard Historical Society, this ride in the NW Seattle neighborhood happens in early October.

Bellingham Tweed Ride: Just 50 miles south of Vancouver, BC, this Washington ride happens in October or November.