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Tweed PDX Tips and Tricks 2018

©Evrim Icoz Photography

Hello friends! Just reminding y’all that the 2018 Portland Tweed Run is Sunday April 8 at Alberta Park! Are you excited? Are you ready? Here’s some things to consider:

  • Be punctual! We’ll be meeting at Alberta Park at 2 PM, and depart at 3. While it’s perfectly fine to get there at 2:55 PM, especially if you’ve spent the whole morning fretting about your outfit, we implore you to get there as early as you can. Otherwise you’ll be missing one of the best things about Tweed Runs: The chance to check out the people and their bikes before the ride, plus the chance to socialize.
  • Look your best! While you don’t necessarily have to swathe yourself head-to-toe in Harris Tweed, it’s still recommended to dress in the spirit of the earlier parts of the twentieth century (or the later part of the nineteenth, if you can pull it off.) The weather forecast for Sunday April 8, 2018 is for a chance of showers and a high of 55F/13C. Perfect Tweed weather! And if you are still looking for last minute clothing ideas, there’s plenty of vintage shops, resale shops, and thrift stores to choose from.
  • Don’t forget about your bike! Of course you also need a bicycle! While there is no specific requirement for what bike you bring, the spirit of the Tweed Run leans towards simpler and vintage. We realize that not everyone has a fleet of bikes to choose from, so bring what you got. But if you have the choice between a modern carbon fibre race bike and a vintage 1968 Raleigh Superbe three speed, we’d go for the Superbe. And don’t forget to dress up your bike as well!
  • Bring a cup! There will be at least one point where we may enjoy coffee or tea. Alas, we are not providing cups for (most likely) several hundred attendants. So remember a cup or two for a hot beverage, or otherwise you’ll be looking forlornly at all the other folks enjoying tea.
  • Be aware! We realize that there’s a certain “lowering of guard” when being on a big group ride. And the ten mile route we selected minimizes problem areas while giving a good sightseeing tour of the Rose City. But there can be a few choke-points, with the possibility of railway track crossings and short downhill sections. We’ll do our best to call these out to you, but please pay attention to what’s going on. We don’t want you to crash!
  • Be civilised. We always hope for a big turnout. Any time there’s a big ride, there’s the heightened possibility of conflict with other road users. Please do your best to minimize that chance of conflict, and if a conflict does arise, it’s always best to take the high road. (Especially if you are on a high wheeler!)
  • And most of all, HAVE FUN!

See you Sunday!

Dandy Daffodil Tweed Ride, La Conner WA, Sat 17 Mar

Hello folks! We like to pass along word of other Northwestern based Tweed Rides when we hear about them. And the folks behind Boneshaker Society in La Conner, Washington (southwest of Mt Vernon and southeast of Anacortes) are putting on another lovely ride!

This is their Fourth Annual Dandy Daffodil Tweed Ride! It will happen on Saturday March 17th (St Patrick’s Day!) at 10 AM sharp from downtown La Conner. They will ride a pleasurable loop through the flat lowlands of the Skagit Valley (though don’t worry, mountains loom in the distance), have a picnic stop at the Rexville Grocery, and return to La Conner where there will be an afterparty featuring some of the fine wines of Hellam’s Vineyards. It sounds like a smashing day!

The entry fee is just $10, all proceeds going to the La Conner Library Foundation.

Want to register, or learn more? Go to their Dandy Daffodil website.

Some of us Portland Tweedistas home to attend.

Portland Seersucker Social, 16 July 2017!

From the DC Seersucker Ride. Photo by Jenn Wurzbacher.

Calling all dapper lads and dandy lassies for a leisurely romp about on wheels. Don your finest Summer garb and join us for a lovely afternoon of lollygagging, picnicking, and cycling in style.

This is an all-ages, all-gender bicycle ride hosted by Portland Society andTweedPDX

We’ll be congregating at Woodlawn Park for croquet, tea, and revelry, then onward to Columbia Park for a dance interval, ending at Cathedral Park to enjoy the 37th Annual Cathedral Park Jazz Festival!

Please meet at Woodlawn Park (north of NE Dekum, east of NE 13th) at 1 PM on Sunday July 16. Look for a group of seersuckery folk near a picnic table with tea and snacks. We should be sticking around the park until about 1:45 PM, then head north and west toward Cathedral Park via Arbor Lodge and Columbia Parks.

Hope you can join us!