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Cyclists’ Touring Club Official Tailor 1890 — Vintage Bicycle


Here’s a fascinating article about “official” clothing for the (still existing) Cyclists’ Touring Club of the UK from back in 1890! Yes, tweed abounds as they found it a very practical cycling outfit!

Note what they had to say about wool: “This was settled on ‘after many months of patient investigation’ and testing of over forty different cloths. At the time wool was favoured against the skin, as a hygienic and sanitary fabric, far better than cotton for the rigors of riding. Dr.Gustav Jaeger was partly responsible for this, with his ‘Sanitary Woolen System’ which was popularised by the Royal Family, amongst many other patrons. So, woolen undergarments were also specified.”

via Cyclists’ Touring Club Official Tailor 1890 — Vintage Bicycle

Bellingham Tweed Ride, Sat 4 Nov

Hello friends of Tweed! We just got word that the city formerly known as Whatcom is having a Tweed Ride very soon! Yep, it’ll be happening on Saturday November 4, 2017. Please go over to their website, Hamster Tweed, for full details. Reproduced here for your convenience is their flyer.

Interesting…there are three cities in coastal Washington north of Seattle that are putting on Tweed Rides. La Conner, Snohomish, now add Bellingham to the list. Now is Seattle ever going to see a Tweed Ride again? 😉

Snohomish Tweed Ride, this Saturday September 23

Hello, folks! With this decidedly fall-like weather we’re having here in the Rose City, I’m now thinking about wearing tweed for the first time in months. And conveniently enough, there is a Tweed Ride coming up! Not in Portland, but up in Snohomish, Washington, which is north of Seattle.

The Snohomish Tweed Ride will be happening at 10 AM on Saturday September 23rd in downtown Snohomish. They do require a $15 per person entry fee (details on the site), but you do get some cool swag with it. The four-hour event will be a leisurely cruise on the Centennial Trail, and will conclude with a picnic. How lovely!

And the weather should be lovely on Saturday, highs in the low 70’s and sunny. So a good excuse for a Tweedy roadtrip.

Now we just need to see if Seattle ever gets their act together and have another Tweed Ride…

Portland Seersucker Social, 16 July 2017!

From the DC Seersucker Ride. Photo by Jenn Wurzbacher.

Calling all dapper lads and dandy lassies for a leisurely romp about on wheels. Don your finest Summer garb and join us for a lovely afternoon of lollygagging, picnicking, and cycling in style.

This is an all-ages, all-gender bicycle ride hosted by Portland Society andTweedPDX

We’ll be congregating at Woodlawn Park for croquet, tea, and revelry, then onward to Columbia Park for a dance interval, ending at Cathedral Park to enjoy the 37th Annual Cathedral Park Jazz Festival!

Please meet at Woodlawn Park (north of NE Dekum, east of NE 13th) at 1 PM on Sunday July 16. Look for a group of seersuckery folk near a picnic table with tea and snacks. We should be sticking around the park until about 1:45 PM, then head north and west toward Cathedral Park via Arbor Lodge and Columbia Parks.

Hope you can join us!