Tweed In Place 2021

Hello, friends of Portland Tweed. It’s been awhile since we checked in. A year has passed since Global Pandemic. Things are starting to get better, but we are still exercising the utmost caution. We are still not comfortable having a group event at this time, so there will not be an official spring-time Portland Tweed Ride in 2021. Hopefully things will be better by autumn, if so, we may do a special event then.

But despair not, lovers of Tweed! Once again we will host a special event: Tweed in Place. This will happen on Sunday April 4, 2021. You can participate anywhere in the world!

How does one participate?

  • On Sunday April 4, have a solo Tweed Ride or one with a small group. Do all the things you would do on a regular Tweed Ride:
    • Pose for pictures!
    • Have a picnic.
    • Visit historic/vintage sites.
    • Have fun!!
  • Can’t do a ride? Simply dress up in some Tweedy clothing. Perhaps have a nice tea in the garden?
  • Share your photos, drawings, and thoughts. Tag your posts #tweedinplace2021 and share online!
    • Here is the important thing: Your posts must be of what you did on Sunday April 4, 2021. Please, no photos from your past Tweed events or the like. Only share stuff from that date.
    • You can use the tag on the days leading up to the event to help promote #tweedinplace2021 And we won’t mind if you have a few “getting ready for Tweed In Place” posts on the couple days before the event.
    • You don’t have to just post on Sunday April 4, you can post in the days to weeks after the event with photos from your own event.

Okay, feel free to share this far and wide! And remember to tag your posts #tweedinplace2021