Tweed in Place 2020

Hello, friends of Tweed. It’s interesting times that we face. We’d love nothing more than to gather with other tweedy folks and go on a bike ride together. But the current COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing required in the next weeks to months, that isn’t going to be a reality.

But how about something to bring up your Tweedy spirits, something you can do in the comfort and safety of your own home?

For the week of Sunday March 29 through Saturday April 4 (the week that would have featured our Portland Tweed Ride, but April 3 is National Tweed Day in the U.S.), TweedPDX is hosting #tweedinplace2020

What is this, you ask?

For this week, post photos of yourself or with others (so long as they are part of your “self-quarantine” group) in Tweedy garb with the tag #tweedinplace2020 You can post a pic with you and your bicycle, but it isn’t required.

This can happen anywhere on earth. Post your photos to Instagram, flickr, tumblr, or your blog. Tag it #tweedinplace2020 and make sure you let TweedPDX know by tagging/DM/emailing us!

You can post all week, but please limit your pics to one-a-day. If you can do it all week, cool! We’ll do our best to reblog/repost.

Now have a little fun in these trying times…with a little style.