A Tweed Ride Status Report

Hello, friends of Tweed. No doubt you’ve been following the current situation regarding COVID-19. As of Wednesday, Governor Kate Brown has banned any meeting of 250 or more people due to concerns of the spread of the virus. For the next few weeks (at least), life has been upended here in Portland and around the rest of the world for the most part.

What does this mean for the Portland Tweed Ride, scheduled to happen on Saturday, April 4th?

As of right now, we are planning on keeping the scheduled date for the Tweed Ride. Hopefully any meeting restrictions will be lifted in three weeks. And our humble Tweed Ride was lucky to even get near 250 people during the first couple years of the ride. Plus, the ride will be mostly outdoors, where we can maintain that Social Distance to hopefully stave the spread of the virus.

Stay tuned for updates. If the situation changes and we decide to cancel or postpone this year’s event, we’ll let you know.