Portland Tweed Ride 2019 recap

Another one for the history books!

Despite the dire, dire forecast for Saturday April 6, and a morning of everyone in the metro area waking up to pissing rain outside the window, the skies cleared at 10 AM. We started the ride with sunny skies, and while we did see clouds throughout the four hours of the event, not once did it rain upon us. And that stiff south wind that was promised? It turned out to be just a breeze.

We had about thirty people show up for the ride. They came from all over the Portland metropolitan area, and we had folks come from further flung places like the Skagit Valley, Albany Oregon, and San Francisco! We took off from Overlook Park just before 11:30 AM. The ride toured many a neighborhood high street (N Mississippi/Albina, N Denver Ave through Kenton) and also passed through many a lovely park (Peninsula, Farragut.) We also got to take in a bit of nature on the bike path along the Columbia Slough.

We had a bit of tea and picnic at Columbia Park. We had chosen this spot because of its covered picnic area, but that wouldn’t be needed today! While we were enjoying our refreshments and each other’s company, many Tweedistas got portraits taken by Photo Trike.

From there, it was a quick jaunt to the Lucky Lab North Taproom. The ride along N Willamette Blvd gave the riders an impressive view of the city. And we got to see so many trees and flowers in bloom along the way!

We ended the ride at the Lucky Lab. Lumberjack was ready to play for the happy (and tired) riders. We listened to their foot-stomping, heart-pounding vagabond rock whilst enjoying pints of draught beer.

Another great Tweed Ride. Sorry you missed us. But don’t worry! We are planning a Seersucker Social for June. And 2020 marks the tenth anniversary of Portland Tweed. Maybe we’ll see you out there?

Some more photos of the ride here.