Dandy Daffodil Tweed Ride in La Conner, WA is Sat Mar 16th, plus an update on other regional Tweed Rides.

Hello all! Our friends at Boneshaker Society up in La Conner, Washington are putting on their fifth annual Dandy Daffodil Tweed Ride on Saturday March 16th! This fifteen mile ride tours the flat farmlands of the Skagit Valley, an area well known for tulips and daffodils. There will be a lovely picnic stop en route and the end will be at a wine bottle shop, so you can enjoy refreshments.

Portland Tweedistas Emee and Shawn rode the ride in 2018 and had a lovely time! They’ll be heading back up again too. So it’s worth the trek if you are on the fence.

The ride requires advance registration. The early bird rate of $10 ends on Thursday February 28th. Go here to register.

Oscar Hult, the organizer of the Albany Tweed Ride.

We’re also keeping abreast of other rides in the region, especially ones that happen in the Willamette Valley. We’ve heard that Albany (Oregon) is going to be having their Tweed Ride on Saturday May 11th, the day before Mother’s Day. There has been nothing official posted yet, but the folks at the Natty Dresser shop are behind it. In the meantime, read this story about last year’s ride. And for those of us that are car-free, Albany is a convenient Tweed Ride to get to, since Amtrak’s Albany Station is about a mile from downtown. That’s how I plan on getting there!

And we’re waiting to hear if Corvallis is going to host another one. They hosted their ride in May last year, so maybe it’ll happen also in May this year? As for other Willamette Valley cities, we haven’t seen evidence that Salem ever hosted a Tweed Ride, and the only reference to a Eugene Tweed Ride is way back in 2010, the year it seemed like every city hosted a Tweed Ride. Maybe they’ll reboot the ride?