And it was: Tweed Portland 2017 recap

Hello, friends! It’s been a few days since our 2017 Tweed Ride. So now’s a good time to reflect.

It was a good time had by most! The weather was just right for all that tweed, a mix of sun and clouds with a high around 57F/14C. The rain didn’t start until about an hour after the ride was over, and we ended up in a picnic shelter anyway!

We had close to a hundred people at the start at Westmoreland Park. We even attracted the media, too! A film crew from KGW 8, our local NBC affiliate, did a nice little one minute piece. (That’s Carla Bartow, one of the Tweedistas, getting interviewed!) See that video here.

We rolled out of the park around 3:15 pm. The ride was just about 11 miles total, and rambled mostly through SE. We hit up the Reed College campus (crossing both the bridges spanning Crystal Springs Creek!), then paraded down Woodstock Blvd through the heart of its namesake neighborhood.

A quick bomb down SE 52nd Ave brought us to the Springwater Corridor Trail, which we took westward to the Sellwood neighborhood. After stocking up on tamales (?) at the end of the trail, we paraded through Sellwood along SE 13th Ave, then cruised along the bluffs above Oaks Bottom and through Sellwood Park.

Then, we biked across the brand-spanking-new Sellwood Bridge to the west side and continued north along the rebuilt Willamette River path to Willamette Park in SW, where we had a lovely picnic.

You can check out the route here.

Oh yes, we awarded a few prizes as well!

  • The lovely Brooks B-18 women’s leather saddle went to Emee Pumarega, who definitely deserved it because of all the hard work she did for the ride this year!
  • The leather bike handle from Walnut Studiolo went to Chris Balduc.
  • We also had a lovely cap that went to Ben Snow (who quickly gave it to Patrick Bardel.)
  • And we found a couple young riders to award as well!

And now it is time to rest for a bit. Don’t worry, we’re planning some fun stuff for the rest of the year, and then we’ll have another Tweed Ride next spring! And if you have ideas, or want to get involved, please get in touch!

See you in 2018!

And check out some good photos from our friend Sepp here.