Tweed: It’s not just for Tweed Rides!

A Tweed jacket worn one one of the 364 days that is not the Portland Tweed Ride.

Hello friends. You are probably here because you like the Tweed Ride. And maybe last year you scored your Tweed jacket from Goodwill the night before the ride, wore it during the ride, then hung it in the back of the closet. And you’ll pull it out on April 9, right?

Well, Tweed doesn’t have to be about Tweed Rides. That stoutly woven wool fabric is great for damp and cool climates, y’know, the climate of Portland from the end of October through April. Yeah, I know, you have your Shower’s Pass jacket as your “default” outer layer in the rainy season.

But have you thought about that Tweed jacket?

Granted, if it’s raining good, that waterproof jacket comes in handy. But what if it’s drizzle or light rain? That Tweed jacket actually works well for that: it’s warm, and the rain doesn’t really penetrate all the way through. I’ve worn my Tweed jacket on those classic Portland winter days, and I don’t worry. And if it gets too heavy, I throw on the raincape!

And the ride doesn’t need to be “low-impact”, either. Take for example Geoff Apps, UK mountain bike pioneer. He’s been known to ride his bikes in the gnarliest of conditions in the muddiest English conditions, all whilst wearing Tweed! About the Tweed, Apps says this: “You’ve got to look dignified and relaxed, even when you are riding through twelve inches of crud.”

So pull that Tweed jacket out of the closet, and go on a ride! You don’t need to wear it every day, but you might just find out that you like it more than you thought.

In any case, see you at the Tweed Ride on Sunday April 9th!

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