Looking for some Tweed Ride marshalls!

Hello there! One of the reasons why we’ve had a successful Tweed Ride the past umpteen years is volunteer power. We’ve got a great crew of people helping out before and during the ride. And now we are looking for a couple more people to be Tweed Ride Marshalls!

What does a Tweed Ride Marshall do?

  • They help guide the ride along! Some folks will be on “sweep”, making sure no one gets left behind. Others will make sure people turn at the appropriate places.
  • They’ll also help out with “corking”. While much of the ride will be on pleasant streets, there are a few busy intersections to negotiate. The corker will make sure cross traffic doesn’t get through so we can get the whole group  through at once.
  • And just plain help out!

Are you interested in helping out? You’ll need to be able to commit to being at the start of the ride on Sunday April 9 a bit early. Also, you’ll need to be able to go on the “pre-ride” with us, which will happen on Saturday March 18 at 4 pm in Sellwoodish.

Get in touch with me at urbanadventureleague@gmail.com if you want to be a Marshall, or to learn more.

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