And our start location has been officially announced: Westmoreland Park

Hello, friends of Tweed! After much deliberation we have found an appropriate start location for our 2017 Portland Tweed Ride. We will be meeting at Westmoreland Park, SE 22nd Ave and SE Bybee Blvd. The date remains the same (Sunday April 9). We will muster up in the north-west corner of the park at 2 pm. At 3 pm, we ride!

The ride will be a fun, ten mile romp through the outer edges of SE, an area we have not explored on the Tweed Ride previously. As always, the route itself is a mystery, but you will end up somewhere fun for a picnic! Remember to bring some snacks and libations, and a cup is always a good idea.

Stay tuned for more fun news and details!

Did you know: We are on Instagram?

Plaid ride every ride.


Going along with the theme of yesterday’s post about our flickr presence, why yes, Tweed PDX has an Instagram presence! Check it out. It’s a great way to keep up to date about what’s going on with the Tweed Ride plus other related rides like the Plaid Pedal and Seersucker Social. And there’s pretty pictures as well!

But the best way on IG to see all the photos of the Portland Tweed Ride is to go to the hash-tag #tweedpdx And if you take pictures on the ride and use the Gram, make sure you appropriately tag it so others can share in on the fun!

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Did you know: We have a flickr group?

Photo by Charles Young.

Hello friends! One of the best ways to get excited about the upcoming Tweed Ride is to check out photos of past Tweed Rides. We’ve been doing it in Portland since 2010, so there is a long and storied visual history around the event.

And the best place to start? Why, our flickr photo pool, of course!

Oh, I know what you are saying: “A yahoo based web product, bleh. Isn’t flickr old fashioned?” Well, yes, it may be, but then again, the Tweed Ride is pretty durned old-fashioned! 😉

So check out our flickr group pool. And if you are on flickr and have photos from previous rides of any year, please add them!

But please note: This pool is ONLY for pics from Portland Tweed Rides and associated rides, like the Seersucker Social and Plaid Ride. It is NOT for other Tweed Rides, or “I decided to ride around in Tweed today”. While we applaud you for that, please restrain yourself from putting the photos here. (It is perfectly okay to post a photo of you in your outfit days before the ride, or getting ready for the ride.)